The Art of Setting Goals

The art of setting goals is an important lesson for children to learn.

I have the wonderful privilege of teaching a Sunday school class at my church We talked about the importance of setting goals at the last class. I asked the children to explain what they could do when frustration sets in. We talked about reaching for the stars and pushing through when the going gets tough. Some goals are easy to reach and others remain a challenge. Twelve year old Marcus explained that we should think about how far we have come when a goal is hard to reach.

We have to give more consideration to the intelligence learned by kids. He might be just twelve, however he has gained the information on the ages at a youthful age. We at that point went into a conversation about how we can help each other. How I wish I had that information when I was a youth. Pose the proper inquiries and youngsters will astonish you with the profundity of their insight and experience.

Dr. Wayne Dyer created a few books for kids. I utilized one of his books as a significant purpose of conversation for the class. We chose catchphrases that can be acquainted with kids and to adolescents. The words were objectives, assurance, commitment, tirelessness, and devotion. Class exercises based on those ideas that would deliver expectation and accomplishment in their lives.

Our way of life does little to empower these attributes. Kids are overcome with gadgets, advanced gadgets, and electronic methods for correspondence which don’t energize the improvement of deferred satisfaction. It was delighting to have the option to discuss these characteristics in a Sunday school circumstance. At age seventy-three, I turned into the understudy and they were the instructors. What a delight that is.

Truly surely, little youngsters need to figure out how to set objectives and try to achieve the impossible. We as a whole need to gain proficiency with the estimation of assurance and diligence. As a matter of fact, these properties are not a piece of my collection. At the age of seventy-three I am learning the benefit of pushing through when objectives are difficult to reach. Each age gathering can profit by the advancement of progress characteristics.

It delights me to assist youthful with peopling push through troubles in their quest for information. These are aptitudes that will help them as they continued looking for progress and expectation. Youngsters are our future. It pays to put resources into them.

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